Joukkueurheilijat ry

The Team Players’ Association

The Team Players' Association is for the Players

The Team Players’ Association, ’Joukkueurheilijat ry’, is an organisation for Basketball, Volleyball, Floorball and Finnish Baseball players. We represent players from the two highest league levels. The Team Players’ Association was founded December 2021. Operational work has started in June 2022.

The association’s mission is to keep an eye on the interests of the athletes, to make the athletes’ voice heard and to help the players, e.g. in contractual matters. Combining studies and a working career with a sports career, transitioning to working life after a sports career and improving the social status of the sports profession are the association’s long-term goals. Team Players’ Association wants to promote equal sports and be a safe channel for raising grievances in sports.

The Team Players’ Association is every player’s best support. Through the association, the players have access to specialist services, benefits, and protection in conflicts.  In cases of dispute, the Team Players’ Association acts as an arbitrator between the player and the club.

We think that it’s important to increase the dialogue with sports federations and clubs. We want to be involved in developing Finnish sports, bring out the opinions of athletes and, in our part, increase visibility. We believe that by increasing cooperation, the whole sport will win.

The current vision of the Team Players’ Association is to achieve the same legal rights to professional athletes as people working in other jobs have. The fact is that players are still worse off than, for example, coaches, if they happened to fall and hurt themselves in the shower, for instance. 

Joine the Team Players' Association (JURY)

All players from two highest league levels in Basketball, Volleyball, Floorball and Finnish Baseball can join to Team Players’ Association (JURY). You can join us simply by filling in the form which opens below (to be announeced later). The annual fee of association is 50 euros.